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10 Things You Need To Know About Leggings
10 Things You Need To Know About Leggings


Women everywhere have worked diligently to defend the legging and to put an end to the age-old question, “are those really pants?”. Leggings have become an essential part of a daily wardrobe; an item that was once used for solely athletics but has now translated into everyday versatility. These form fitting pants can be used to layer or wear on their own, but with designs as cute as ours, you will want to add these statement pieces to any look. The functionality (And comfortable design) of leggings will force you to add these chic bottoms to your go-to look. 

Much like jeans, not every legging will do you justice. While style and design are determined by personal taste, these helpful tips can help you look fab in every leggy-look.


DO: Consult a size guide…but take it with a grain of salt.

Most size guides are built off of standard sizing - blocked numbers that aim to cater to the sizing of the general population. As mankind would have it, body sizes differ and not everyone may fit into one size or another. Use a size guide as a reference point and base your legging size off of fabric and design. Check what the item is made of, is it Supplex or a nylon/spandex blend? Some fabrics offer ample stretch, allowing you to make the decision to either size up or down depending accordingly.


DON’T: Don’t be scared of High-Rise.

The versatility of the high-rise legging provides the perfect tuck and compression. The high-rise band accentuates and flatters your natural waistline and is perfect for activities like yoga, as they really keep everything in place for every pose. For a casual setting, tuck a basic tee into the front as you would “mom jeans” or a standard high waisted jean.


DO: Shop crop

Crop styles provide instant versatility as the hemmed item is perfect for petite and tall women alike. On petite women, the styles will typically fall around the ankle, but on taller women, the hem will fall at a three-quarter length. Show off the ankle and pair your legging with a killer sneaker or a bootie for a truly unique vibe.


DON’T: Wash or dry in heat

The big no-no for all spandex based fabrics is dryer. The overbearing heat from the dryer and wash breaks down the fabric making all spandex made attire to breakdown (This is how pilling or holes emerge on the fabric). To wash your leggings, it is best practice to wash by hand or on a cold wash cycle and lay flat or hang to dry.


DO: Stretch before buying

Before purchasing the legging, make sure to do some stretches or incorporate the Elle Woods “bend and snap” to watch for any fabric pulling. Why is fabric pulling bad? The more the fabric pulls, the more see-through the garment becomes. To avoid any accidental indecency, make sure to do some movement and check for garment pull.


DON’T: Shy away from pockets

While pockets are every girl's best friend, some women may shy away from the added pocket for fear of additional bulk. Luckily, most pockets are in ample locations allowing for small items to be stashed on you at all times. Need a placeholder for your phone? Use your back pocket. Need a place to stash your transit fare or a tube of lipgloss? The hidden inner waistband pocket is a necessary addition.

DO:  Dress up

Pair a legging with a  blazer or constructed jacket to create a work appropriate or active casual look. When pairing a lifestyle item with a legging, we recommend pairing with a diversity of fabrics and styles, try a chunky knit with a lucky legging for a spot on casual look.


DON’T: Avoid prints

As leggings made the shift from activewear to an everyday go-to, designers have taken to creating bolder prints for a chic addition to your standard legging. Note* Before buying prints, refer to the bend and snap technique - Nothing is worse than a stretched out pattern.


DO: Consider Activity

When shopping for leggings be sure to think about the legging purpose. If you are going to be biking or participating in high cardio exercises, avoid flare. Flared leggings, while stylish, are likely to get caught in bike spokes or snagged on feet causing injury. If you are planning on high cardio, opt for crops or a tight-to-leg fit.


DON’T Confuse Tights and Leggings

Leggings are made to wear in substitution of pants, leggings are made of a stronger material (supplex and lycra), while tights tend to be made of nylon and are not technically pant substitutes - Think panty-hoes. Be wary when shopping, as many shoppers end up confused and wrongfully purchasing.


With these helpful tips, you can easily master the legging and shop like a Titika pro. Shop Titika leggings at the link below.



By:Kyle Mack

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