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#TITIKAxME | Jessica Shaw
#TITIKAxME | Jessica Shaw

At TITIKA, we're working hard to redefine active wear. From the gym to the streets and everything in between, we create garments made to work within a busy schedule. Creating garments for women from every lifestyle, we observe and admire the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of women around our city and nation. In an age of social media dominance and a desire to share, everyone has a story to tell, and we all want to listen. We began searching for women to feature in our new #TITIKAxMe campaign, and this is when we met Jessica Shaw. Jessica is more than an athlete, for she is also a mother, model and inspiration to women everywhere. We sat down with Jessica to discuss her lifestyle, and how she manages to keep strong and active while balancing her busy life.

T Tell us a little bit about yourself

JS My name is Jessica Shaw, I am 26 years old and I am a model with Spot6 Management! I am a competitive runner with the Newmarket Huskies and spend most of my time on the track or in the pool. 

T ​How do you stay so fit?

JS I run anywhere from 80-104km per week, and train two days a week with my running team. I switch up my workouts and do interval training with my team on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and also cross-train by getting in the pool at least twice a week (to deep-water run or swim laps).  I am currently training for a spring half marathon and cross-country nationals in the fall!

T What is your biggest challenge in life?

JS Maintaining balance! I have to remind myself it is okay to take days off, and just have relaxed days with your family! 

T Who keeps you motivated?

JS My boyfriend Kevin Tree definitely keeps me motivated. He is one of the hardest workers I know, and is really taking his running to the next level. He just ran 29:20 for a 10km track race in California. He is always motivating me and helping me to get out the door for my runs, even when I am exhausted.

T What's your biggest accomplishment?

JS One of my biggest accomplishments was running my first marathon. 42.2km was a very tough distance for me. Mentally I wanted to quit so many times, but you push through and trust your training!

T Name 3 things you're loving right now

JS  1) The outstanding Canadian women representing distance running right now! (Rachel Hannah and Lanni Marchant!) 2) The Titika Graphic Heart tights (finally some funky running tights!) 3) My one year old son, he is a big motivator to me in running and in everything else I do!

T What's a typical day like for you?

JS I usually wake up anywhere from 7-8am, head to the pool for a morning swim. Head off to work to either a shoot in Toronto, or occasionally I supply teach! I head home and hangout with my son. We always do something outdoor related (whether it’s going to the park or going for a long walk). I usually have practice at 5:30, which consists of a 20-25 minute warm-up, around 5-8km of interval work and a 20-25 minute cool down. Those workouts take everything out of me so when I get home, I foam roll or ice bath to help with my recovery. Me and my little guy than have a snack and some play time and head off to bed!

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