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Big cities like Toronto are home to many multitaskers. Rushing to the office for that 9am meeting, squeezing in a workout and running to make that late dinner date. It’s all in a day’s work really. When every minute counts there isn’t always time primp post-workout. You don’t have to sacrifice style before dashing off to your next event. Whether you fit your sessions in the morning, noon or night, toss these items in your gym bag to get you out the door in a New York minute.

Tame Those Tresses


There is a moment right before you step into the shower when you quietly ask, “Is there enough time to wash my hair?” If the answer is no, meet your new best friend dry shampoo. With so many varieties available it is the ultimate answer to the greasy hair problem. Try the Sephora Collection Express Dry Shampoo for that quick clean or Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo for Brunettes for dark haired beauties. Simply shake the bottle well, aim for your scalp and spray. Give it a few seconds to dry and massage it into the scalp. Work with your untamed locks by spraying Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to do a messy chic up-do. Poof! Your hair will look read carpet ready without ever having to get wet.

Put Your Fresh Face Forward


The cornerstone of having a flawless face is a good skincare routine. If you can’t afford to pull out all the stops it’s time to streamline. Use a face cleansing wipe such as Shiseido Pureness Refreshing Cleansing Sheets to clean out your pores, wipe off excess oil and remove any leftover makeup. Next apply your favorite BB cream which primes, moisturizes and perfects your completion all the while offering you SPF protection. Finish off with a coat of mascara and dab of stain Stila Lip & Cheek Stain. When a five minute face takes too long, you will be ready in two.

Smell Summer Fresh


It’s normal to keep perspiring after a workout. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down and shedding the toxins. All that said you probably don’t want to smell like it. Body sprays and perfume bottles can take up a lot of space and weigh down your gym bag. Not to worry, a number fragrance companies have released travel sized rollerballs and sprays of their most popular scents. Light and compact they take up no room at all and easily fit in your purse if you want to reapply throughout the night. Regardless if you are in close quarters in the boardroom or want to get a little closer after the nights date you will smell like roses.

When you look good you feel good. Now that you know secret to saving precious minutes off your post workout beauty routine there is no need to stress. Save that sweat for your workout.

Sources: sephora.com

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