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4 Ways to Revamp Your Workout for Fall
4 Ways to Revamp Your Workout for Fall


As summer comes to an end, it’s time to hit revamp on a few key aspects of our lives – add a few extra layers to our wardrobe, intensify our beauty routine with rich moisturizers and deeper lip shades, and make our way back indoors with some killer fitness routines. The hot, summertime weather may have called for early runs along the boardwalk and yoga on the beach, but as the brisk winds hit and our cravings for indulgent fall foods begin to surface, there are certain indoor workouts that will keep us in top-notch shape all season long. Below are four of my favourite workouts that you can (and should) work into your fitness routine this fall:



There’s a reason why everyone’s buzzing about the ballet-inspired barre workout. This pilate-yoga-dance conglomerate tones your legs, strengthens your core and works your tush, giving you a totally irresistible silhouette. The routines in barre class are designed to increase flexibility and raise your metabolic rate, as they target the largest muscle groups in the body. You’ll sweat, you’ll burn, and you’ll have the perfect excuse to buy a pair of cashmere leg warmers. You’re sure to be hooked, and since it’s a group class, you’ll be motivated to go week after week, even when the temperature drops!



While yoga in the park may have been your go-to in the summer, a switch to hot yoga for fall is just what your body needs. You’ll get a major detox, sweating out toxins and burning major calories, while also strengthening and toning your entire body. Not to mention, hot yoga can help with daily stressors and those post-summer blues that are probably starting to kick in just about now.



Basking in the beautiful, sunny weather, you may not have hit the gym all summer. Beach volleyball, out door runs, boot camp in the park – you name it. The world was our bright, glistening oyster. But with the end of summer approaching, more of us will be heading back to the gym, and weight strengthening is one of the most important exercises to work into our routines. Try squats, lunges, bicep curls and crunches, all while using hand weights of your weight choice. Many women are under the assumption that weight training will make them look too bulky, but in reality we actually loose body fat, gain strength (without bulk!) and increase our metabolisms – a recipe for your most fit fall yet!



The AWESOME thing about a stability ball is you can work it into your gym routine, or you can do it in the comfort of your own home for those fall days when the rain won’t stop coming down. Use the ball for crunches, plank, knee-tucks, hamstring curls, push-ups, and plenty more - you can improve your strength, cardio and balance all at once in the warmth of the great indoors.

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