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3 Teas to Start Your Day
3 Teas to Start Your Day

Coffee is probably 90 percent of people's go-to caffeine fix in the morning (guilty). Let's face it we all need that surge of energy to start our day. The side effects however, can be a complete drag. From caffeine overload, jitteriness and sometimes even an upset stomach. We have to ask ourselves if the headache is really worth it? If you are looking for a replacement look no further, try a smooth and savory tea. It doesn't only give you the strength to get in that early morning workout but it doesn't have the same nasty side effects of coffee. Tea combinations are endless and making your own blend is as easy as looking in your cupboard. Play around with some of you faveourite ingredients and get amped up to take on the day. Try adding these DIY tea recipes to your morning routine.

For the Love of Nuts

Ingredients: almonds, raisins, cinnamon, and assorted nuts.
This tea mixture is not just delicious in taste, but extremely good for you. The main ingredient is almonds, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin e and protein. Aside from being a great snack, throw them in your tea and you won’t just feel better, but look better.

Chocolate Lovers Lane

Ingredients: Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves, dark chocolate, and sprinkles.
If I told you to eat chocolate first thing in the morning you would probably think I’m crazy, but also love me for suggesting this. Dark chocolate has incredible benefits for weight loss, and is also packed with antioxidants (do I really need to go on?). Chinese black tea doesn’t just sound fancy; it’s known to have a calming effect on a cool fall day. Mix these bad boys together and have yourself a sweet and relaxing morning. 


Crazy for Coconut


Ingredients: ginger, cardamom, coconut, rooibos and  pink peppercorns.  
The ingredients are simple, but pack a powerful bunch. This mixture will not only give you a smoky taste, but will also give you a dose of iron and calcium. The rooibos is a popular plant that grows in South Africa, and combined with coconut, you wont be able to get enough of this hot drink. If you wake up with a bit of a cold, add a splash of lemon and this tea will have you feeling better before you know it.

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