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#TryItOutTuesday: Spinnin' Around with Titika's Heart Legging
#TryItOutTuesday: Spinnin' Around with Titika's Heart Legging

I’ll be honest, I’ve been slacking on the workout front this summer and by slacking I mean I’d rather lay out and run to get more sangria than actually go for a run. I needed an energy boost and decided this was the best time to try a spin class as well as put my Titika Heart Leggings to the test—or what I like to call the Titika Test!


This was one of my first spin classes (don’t judge me, I’m more of a yoga girl!) and I wanted to see all the hype since I have friends who swear by it— “Once you go to a few classes you’ll be hooked!” and my personal favourite and quite possibly the hugest claim ever: “It’s the best thing since green juice!” I never signed up for a class so fast!

            The class I attended was 45 minutes and was held in a gym with about 10 other avid spinners. I’ll be frank, I wasn’t intimidated, I mean, I know how to ride a bike so how hard could this be? Friends, readers, and Titika customers, this is indeed foreshadowing the moment where I ate my words. By the end of the class, I literally felt traumatized in the best way possible—yes, it’s a total compliment to the class and the instructor (shoutout to the sweetest woman who disguised her sympathy with encouragement while I looked like a deer in headlights. I never got your name!)! My thighs were burning, I was out of breathe and most importantly, I felt strong.

Spinning 411

  1. What is it?

- Spinning is an indoor cycling class that encourages you to cycle to the rhythm of the music on the class’ setlist. The music is really upbeat and you may find yourself spancing (spinning + dancing).

  1. Arrive early
  • If you’re new to spinning, definitely arrive early to class (15 minutes) to get the instructor to adjust the seat to your height and body ratio. Also, use this opportunity to ask the instructor any questions or concerns you may have!
  1. Dress accordingly

- Wear appropriate workout gear that allows you to feel comfortable and supported—that goes for choosing the right bra as well!

  1. Don’t overexert yourself

- I know the music is making you feel like Lance Armstrong but do not overexert yourself! The key is to find a balance between challenging yourself without pushing yourself too far—the latter can lead to injury and torn muscles. Set yourself some realistic short-term goals and work up to them instead of trying to achieve long term ones in 45 minutes. Which brings me to my next point…

  1. Compete with yourself, not others
  • Focus on your own goals and do not compare your own progress with anyone else. Everyone is different and has different goals and experiences. Adjust your resistance and intensity to suit your needs.


The Titika Test @ Spinning

When choosing working out gear, it’s important you know what you want from the garment.

I wore my Titika Heart Leggings because they promised to: keep me dry during intense workouts, promote breathability through its mesh inserts, and allow movement because of its 4-way stretch—must haves for spinning! So how did these legging hold up?

This is probably TMI (sorry not sorry) but I was sweating buckets and let me tell you that these leggings kept me cool and dry. My white tank top (holla, T-dot) is not meant for workouts (honestly, it was the first thing I grabbed…it was clean?) and it was sticking to me in the worst way possible so the Heart leggings were God-sent! I was worried the mesh cutouts may be too sheer but they’re thick enough to soak up any sweat yet thin enough to keep you cool.

Here’s a closer look of the mesh and my chipped manicure:

The mesh combined with the supplex-lycra blended fabric kept up with my constant and sometimes sporadic movement throughout the entire workout! It’s durable, flexible, and thicker which really kept my lower body firm.

Here’s a headless picture of me (I was repainting my room as you can tell from the green tape and paint was all over my hair) so you can see how thick and durable the fabric is. I’m literally pulling (pretty hard) the fabric away from my thigh and it still kept its shape and did not leave any holes or puckering!

The Verdict

I definitely recommend spinning for people who want a good cardio workout! Those who have knee and back problems should ask their doctor as well as their instructor for tips as spinning does require you to exert both.  As for the Heart leggings, I’m obsessed! Not only do they look badass but I felt they were extremely functional for spinning! A more intense workout does need gear that works as hard as you do and these more than deliver. I heart the Heart Leggings.

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