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Titika in the City by ZenCity Blog
Titika in the City by ZenCity Blog

Titika in the City

October 4, 2015

For those of you who are avid Zencity readers (thank you), you will know that we are all about supporting Toronto businesses. What better way to get involved in your community then reach out and meet new business owners! Not only has it been inspiring and educational but we have met some of the most awesome people! We are always passing Titika on Queen Street, and are avid purchasers from them, so we thought why not create a look book that features our favorite pieces. We decided to let Titika know we were going to do a photo shoot with some of our favorite pieces from their latest collection.

It worked out perfect to do a photo shoot with Ian Chang photography! Funny story, Ian and I used to model together but since I had moved to Toronto we had not been in contact. One Sunday afternoon we, by chance, ran into each other! He had since moved to Toronto to continue with his career. On the side he does photography and excitedly gave his time to help shoot with us!

I wanted to style my Titika clothing in a workout look. This is an outfit I would usually attend yoga or spin class in. I absolutely love the back of this sports bra! The thick straps and crisscrossed style gives me lots of support. I sometimes find that sports bras that are created to give extra support do not have a great look to them and this is also why I am constantly getting my sports bras from Titika.

Margaux styled her Titika clothing in a street style look. Titika is all about providing versatility in each piece so it can be transformed from the yoga studio to dinner with friends. I feel like I have spoken to many people in Margaux’s predicament about working out. She just hasn’t found something she is passionate about when it coming to working out. Not having that passion makes it super difficult to be motivated to workout. So she usually wears Titika to class or while running around the city.

It may sound a bit conceded but it I always feel so much better when my workout gear is styled well. Exercise can be intimidating, especially when doing a new group fitness class. Knowing that I feel good in what I have on relieves a little bit of that intimidation.


I try to work out regularly to help relieve some of the stress that builds up in my everyday life. I value that hour of my day where I put my headphones in and tune out the world. Running especially has been a therapy for me. Looking ahead and pushing myself to the limit not only strengthens me physically but mentally as well. It most definitely isn’t for everyone but I think no matter what it is it’s important to find something that can help you tune out the world for a bit.

The problem with being constantly on the go is I find it hard to carry a huge bag around all day that includes my workout gear. I really fell in love with Titika clothing because I can wear the clothing to class or while running errands before I go to the gym. For anyone who carries a heavy bag around with what feels like your life in it, anyway you can make it lighter is a major bonus.

Show us how you style Titika by tagging us on Instagram @zencityblog!

- Blog by Zencity Blog, Photography by Ian Chang Photography

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