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Sweat in Style: Outdoor Fitness
Sweat in Style: Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Style Guide

It might be a little nippy outside but that doesn't give you an excuse to slack on your outdoor fitness routine, or for my newbie's give this form of fitness a try! Trust me I know, the struggle is real but with the right layering pieces winter exercising just might become your new go-to activity. Science is showing that the benefits of Mother Nature's gym simply can't be replicated on the elliptical, treadmill or even in the weight room (sorry gym rats).  

Scroll down for my top 4 outdoor-workout activities along with a style guide featuring some of my favourite winter workout gear from Titika.




Benefits of Hiking:

Research has shown that hiking lowers your risk of heart disease while improving blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Not to mention it is a great total-body workout, burning up to 600 calories per hour. So what are you waiting for? Take a hike (literally). 





Benefits of Running:

Tired of the local Gym’s hamster wheel? Why not take your running from the treadmill to the terrain. You’ll get that much needed extra dose of vitamin D from the sun all while improving your level of endurance. Running requires energy over an extended period of time, making it a great way to build stamina.





Benefits of Skating:

While dinner and a movie is a no brainer it isn’t exactly the healthiest date night activity. Switch things up with ice skating a low-impact sport that burns a whopping 800 calories per hour. Plus for those looking for a little booty building, ice skating is a great option for toning the lower body (thank me later).





Benefits of Cycling:

Anyone at any fitness level can enjoy the benefits of cycling. Riding a bike is great for lower body toning and muscle building while simultaneously improving your balance and coordination. It's also a great low-impact activity for those with fitness restrictions due to lower body injuries.

Outdoor exercises in general tend to be more challenging on the body than their indoor counterparts. There is no wind resistance or changes in terrain to face when working out at your local gym. But there seems to be even more advantages to taking your next sweat session outside besides the physical. Outdoor fitness has the ability to improve mental health specifically self-esteem and energy while decreasing anxiety, tension and depression. The proof is in the pudding, nature is fuel for the body mind and soul - not to mention it’s free. So if you're in a fitness rut or just looking to take your exercise program to the next level try adding some outdoor fitness activities to your workout arsenal.

Guest Writer & Stylist Santanae Luzige

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