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Body Positivity For Every Beach
Body Positivity For Every Beach

Sun looming over the water and the warmth emitting from the sand as it finds its way between your toes. The sun beats heavily onto your skin warming your face and body. You now have two options, own your beach style or feel self-conscious. There's a disconnection between what we know for fact, and what we feel. We feel as if all eyes are on our body and that more attention is being drawn to our beach attire than it actually is.

Firstly, it's important to point out that a beach is made for relaxation and letting loose (you know, beer in hand listening to some next beach playlist on Spotify), but ultimately we know that this is not always the case. The search for a perfect beach body begins in the winter, when gym memberships increase in price and fitness becomes a focus. It's also at this time where the Instagram gym lovers come out of hiding and shame us all with their #Fitness posts. When reading articles about body positivity while at the beach, the word courage is often used to describe someone who feels comfortable at the beach. Why is it seen as courageous to wear a bathing suit? Because to be seen is to be vulnerable. Undressing is a standard action when going to the beach. It is considered courageous for the task has become something of a daunting task, for letting the world see your body and be exposed to judgment.

First and foremost, it seems ridiculous that a place where sand can get stuck in your most intimate places can be seen as ‘sexy’, but we blame that on Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and the preprogrammed male gaze of misinformed reality. It would be ignorant of us to say that judgment doesn't occur, but as we all know this is not the case. The separating force that differentiates innate sexuality for insecurity is the action of letting someone else demean your own body. It is important for anyone, men or women, to feel comfortable with the skin they are in. To quote the former first lady, Miss Rosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Basically, don't let the beaches get you down. Here at Titika, we want to break the ideology that you must be nearly nude in order to be seen as sexy.

We encourage you to feel sexy in whatever you wear (or not wear) at the beach, the choice to be confident is not based on anyones opinion but your own. To make your beach day a comfortable success, we have compiled together two looks to keep you feeling ‘sexy’ and ready for your beach day.

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