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Exploring Alternative Fitness

As the temperature drops and hibernation season begins, a challenge is raised when deciding how to remain in shape and active during the fall/winter season. Simply put, one can go for a run on a fall day, but as the Canadian month's pass, one can only engage in such activities with a snowsuit. At Titika, we want to help you during the fall/winter transition, and we have compiled a list of alternative exercises to keep you fit this fall/winter season.


A harmonic blend of music and physical exertion, spinning acts as a full body, low-intensity workout on a stationary bike. Through carefully choreographed exercises, spinning allows participants to engage muscles in their core, legs, gluten, and arms. The most interesting aspect of most spin classes is the influence of music on the routines, as the harmonies and beats act work to engage participants deeper into the exercise and out of their comfort zone.

Movement Training

Combining movement and unparalleled methods for a truly unique workout, movement training facilities house no machines or standard exercise equipment. If you are expecting the familiarity of a gym, you will definitely be in the wrong place. Facilities are dedicated to movement utilizing parkour, free running, tricking, gymnastics, circus arts, and stunt training to inspire participants to exercise passionately through extraordinary means. The interesting aspect of most movement training facilities is their commitment to inspiring you to reach your own potential through pushing past previous boundaries. 

Ballet Barre Based Workouts

We have all admired dancers bodies for their prestige and intensity. Typically, unless you are a dancer, achieving the “dance bod” was unreachable…until ballet barre based workouts came around. The barre exercise system features workouts that blend fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and pilates into a dynamic class. Using a ballet barre, participants will be engaged in an energizing combination of exercises that are unlike anything you have experienced before.  

Surf Training 

Surf training is a total-body work-out done through the use of a board to mimic the act of surfing. It allows participants to get away from the traditional static workout, and challenge their body in new ways. Every exercise (on the board) is designed to engage core and stabilizer muscles that work to create a (wave) change inside and out. The interesting aspects of a surf training class are the methods which offer a full body approach to fitness, drawing on real surfing movements to create a balanced workout.

Aerial Yoga 

Think of aerial yoga as Yoga 2.0, the most alternative to standard yoga that one could possible go. Held tightly in a yoga silk, participants utilize core and upper body muscles to reach new heights (literally) and achieve a full body workout. With exceptional instructors who help the most intermediate of participants to the beginner, aerial yoga is the perfect fall/winter exercise.

Fall/Winter exercising does not need to be tedious. Beat the cold, and explore some fun ways to keep healthy and remain active.

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