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How You Can Ditch The Gym And Still Stay Fit
How You Can Ditch The Gym And Still Stay Fit

How You Can Ditch The Gym And Still Stay Fit

You wouldn’t throw a $50 dollar note in the trash, yet a substantial number of American gym membership holders are doing just that. Gyms across the country expect just 18% of their registered members to attend their facilities on a regular basis. Most new gym memberships are taken out in the New Year following an indulgent Christmas, however, there’s no need to sign up to an expensive agreement when all you need to get fit in the winter is motivation, enthusiasm and will-power.

Fitness DVDs & online workouts

Workout DVDs and online fitness classes and tutorials are a great way of getting fit in the comfort of your own home, day or night. Those with busy work and social lives can benefit from these types of workout as they can easily be squeezed in around day to day life and, best of all, they’re cheap. While, new moms can utilize the time their little one is napping by popping on a DVD, changing into their workout gear and exercising around the sitting room.


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Home gym

If you’ve got a spare bedroom or garage, you may consider filling it with state of the art gym equipment so you can get your heart pumping in the confines of your home. Before, you splash the cash, think carefully about the types of exercise you enjoy and purchase equipment, clothing and accessories suitable to your preferences. Start by building your home gym slowly and once you’re in the habit of regular sessions, look to build your collection.

Healthy diet

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Guidelines in the US state that citizens should consume one and a half to two cups of fruit per day and two to three cups of vegetables each day. Eating protein has many benefits, too, and can improve your overall health and fitness levels. These benefits include increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones and suppressing your appetite.

The power of walking

Walking is a much understated activity which many individuals fail to do enough of. It burns between 200 and 400 calories per hour and is a great way to elevate your heart rate and get your blood pumping, especially when walking uphill. Walking doesn’t cost anything and it’s an easy activity which anyone can do. It can be beneficial for those with dogs, new parents wanting to get and about with their baby and the ageing population who are more susceptible to joint problems.

Gym memberships are costly products which many Americans fail to put to good use. However, keeping fit is important, so, to save cash and improve your health, avoid hitting the gym and opt for alternative fitness methods which can be done in and out of the home.

 Guest Blogger: Jane McCartney

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