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Showing off your "Rebel Yell"
Showing off your "Rebel Yell"
Titika Active Couture is a Canadian company expanding to the United States, Asia, and Europe. Founded in 2009, Titika Active Couture was built on the divide of confidence and building your inner R-E-B-E-L. The acronym R-E-B-E-L, plays a substantial role in the history and the background of Titika. By challenging the normative and breaking away from the typical activewear stereotype, Titika blends athletics, lifestyle, and couture, into versatile pieces made for performance and style. 

Chief designer, Eileen Zhang, describes her designs as a societal commentary on female liberation and the escape from a social “birdcage” . Through boundary-pushing designs, Titika aims to showcase confident and independent women through fashionably rebellious designs.

What does REBEL mean?

Titika works to form a fashion revolution, a revolution where clothing coincides with personal style and a complete look that can reflect one's own mind, body, and soul.

Self-expression through clothing reflects one's own attitude, emotion, and relationship with the surrounding. Expression in fashion typically coincides with the current trends. The differing factor that separates Titika from alternative brands is the diversion from style trends towards a focus on individualized style.

A REBEL always puts forward their best, and the same philosophy applies to the use of performance fabrics in Titika designs. All Titika styles offer support for various activities, while simultaneously looking one’s best through body flattering and slimming properties.

Clothes should always adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around. When making purchases, think about whether the items are adaptable for a busy day - From the office to the gym and everything in between. Through the use of athletic fabrics, Titika creates clothing that blends activewear with high fashion elements that go when you do.

The REBEL philosophy is the reason why Titika has resonated with the modern woman. Made with the ability to break down fashion and societal bounds to encourage women to break out of their comfort and embrace confidence.

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