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Top 5 Exercises for The Fall Season
Top 5 Exercises for The Fall Season

At Titika, we encourage you to take on seasonal change in full force. Autumn is about new beginnings, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to restore yourself from the inside and out. Putting together the top 5 exercises for the fall season, we aim to motivate you to beat the winter blues and put your best self forward during the Fall/Winter season. Throw on a marathon jacket and a lucky legging, and savor the last breaths of the warm weather in Titika style.

  1. Hiking

    The fall weather varies from day to day, but unless there is a blizzard, there is no excuse to pass up an opportunity to take advantage of the fresh air! Not only will hiking work your legs, glutes, core, in addition to providing you with a nice cardio fix, you will have a front row seat to the best scenery around. The colors of the wind do not fail to disappoint as the vibrantly painted scenery will leave you mesmerized.  Add in a hiking partner and a killer playlist, and you’ve got a perfect workout!

  2. Cycling  

    Similar aesthetic and scenery as hiking, cycling will force you to focus more critically on toning your body. Cycling does wonders for strengthening bone density and joint mobility, as well as posture and coordination. Research has also indicated that those who choose cycling as their main mode of transportation have 2-3 times less exposure to pollution than car commuters, improving overall lung function. Cycling, in particular, is proven to decrease body fat, and best of all, it decreases stress levels!

  3. Squats

    If you’ve ever been involved in attending a fitness center, renewing (or acquiring) the membership is a must during the fall season! Squats strengthen our bodies in incredible ways; a powerhouse exercise for your lower back, quads, and glutes, and by adding in any sized medicine ball, results are sure to show in your arms and core. Perfect to prepare you for trekking through a snowy winter!

  4. Pilates

    Pilates is one of the best types of exercises to do while on the go, and in today’s digital age, there are endless amounts of videos that teach us everything there is to know about pilates. Cassey Ho is the creator of ‘blogilates’, a YouTube channel racking in over 300 million views. Her most popular videos include:

    “Pilates for Beginners: Total Body Work Out”
    “Intense Ab Workout”
    “5 Minutes Toned Arms”

  5. Stair Running

    This activity emulates our idea of fall exercise, as it can be executed indoors just as easily as it can be in the great outdoors. It’s simple: find a staircase, and run. Spend approximately 5-10 minutes running up and down, and then switch to running up and down the staircase sideways for an extra 2-5 minutes. This stamina boosting exercise is so easy to partake in either outside after a hike, at home, or on a Stair Master at your local fitness center.

Feeling your best not only means taking on these exercises but looking good while doing them! It’s important to remember that fall not only presents us with the exhilaration of new beginnings but a new change of temperature, as well. Check out what’s new at the Titika online shop, and find the perfect layers to incorporate into your workouts. From leggings, long sleeved tees, turtlenecks, and more, Titika Activewear will have you feeling like your best self in no time at all.


Written by: Blair Rotstein
Photos by: Kyle Mack, Elisabeth Huynh

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